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Manny Pacquiao sued; injunction to stop Errol Spence Jr. fight filed

Paradigm Sports Management filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit Friday against Pacquiao in Orange County civil court, claiming breach of contract, among other assertions, per the complaint obtained Saturday by ESPN. Read More»

Nicki Minaj Demands Punishment for 'Disgraceful' Opposing Lawyer

Nicki Minaj and her lawyer are going after an opposing attorney who filed a lawsuit against the rapper last year, calling his behavior in the case “reprehensible” and “disgraceful” and demanding penalties against him. Read More»

Att'y to probe B'way death

Pals of Jeff Loeffelholz — who had been a member of the cast for 22 years — started a campaign called Justice for Jeff after Loeffelholz committed suicide, claiming that the production's director Walter Bobbie and musical director Leslie Stifelman wanted Loeffelholz out of the long-running production but that his contract wouldn't allow them to fire him. Read More»

Basquiat Sale Suit Lays Bare Family Strife

The woman who sold "Flesh and Spirit" by Jean-Michel Basquiat at auction last month said it would have fetched more than the $30.7 million that was bid if her father had not tried to block the sale. Read More»

Divorce in the land of the super rich

MONTE CARLO – The little courthouse resembling an ice cream cake perches high atop the Mediterranean just a few hundred yards from the royal palace. It looks like another Instagram-ready shot from the world?s most photogenic principality, a beautiful blur of pastel villas, chic beach clubs and gleaming, million-dollar yachts on a shimmering port. Read More»