2022: Represented Nicki Minaj in a lawsuit seeking $20 million in damages against her. The plaintiff withdrew her complaint without Ms. Minaj paying any monies in settlement.

Successfully secured a litigation settlement for a client pursuant to which she was reinstated as the successor trustee of a trust which owns assets in excess of $50 million and which guaranteed her compensation of a minimum of $900,000 a year for a ten-year period.

2021: Successfully secured a multi-million dollar litigation settlement for a client who had received threats of physical violence from the defendant.

Successfully negotiated a no-jail guilty plea and accompanying SEC settlement for a client who was indicted for bilking millions of dollars from investors.

Defeated a motion to dismiss a copyright infringement complaint brought by against NewsBreak, a major internet news aggregator. The Court also upheld the complaint’s unusual racketeering claim against’s COO based upon allegations of criminal copyright infringement.

Won an appellate reversal of an order holding a client in contempt.

Successfully deterred a lawsuit against a high-profile businessman by demonstrating to the prospective client’s lawyer that the client’s claims were false.

Won dismissal of fraudulent conveyance action brought against a client.

Secured multi-million dollar litigation settlement for client on an attorney malpractice claim.

2020: Won motions for summary judgment in lieu of complaint in two related actions resulting in judgments totaling approximately $1 million.

Prevented the continued extortion of a major public events company by commencing a racketeering action. The defendant then defaulted and ceased harassing the client.

2019: Won a trial which resulted in a multi-million dollar judgment for the client.

Completed settlement of Estate litigation with a payment of over $12 million to the client and further avoided an additional tax savings of more than $7 million.

Obtained a $50 million payment to clients claiming innocent owner status in a civil forfeiture proceeding by negotiating an agreement with the Justice Department, the SEC, a Bankruptcy Debtor and class action plaintiffs which required approval of three different courts, including an order authorizing a return of $17 million of bail monies which had been posted by the clients and then forfeited.

Defeated a motion to dismiss a defamation case brought by a psychiatrist against a former patient.

2018: Obtained a judgment for a Broadway producer rejecting a claim that the producer had defrauded Chinese theater producers into paying a seven-figure fee for a tour of a Broadway show throughout China.

Defeated a defendant's summary judgment motion in a multi-million dollar defamation case against a foundation affiliated with a major insurance company, and then prevailed on the defendant's appeal of the denial of its motion.

Secured an appellate court affirmance of the denial of summary judgment in a seven-figure unjust enrichment case.

Secured a $1.5 million pre-litigation settlement of a hostile workplace claim.

Secured a $10 million settlement at the commencement of a corporate dissolution action.

Secured a six-figure settlement for a client who alleged that she had been sexually abused.

2017: Won a jury verdict for Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder finding that Wilder's opponent had used banned performance enhancing drugs.

Following cross-examination of a defendant's accountant in a fraudulent conveyance case, the defendant paid a seven-figure settlement after the trial judge stated that ifthe cross-examination continued the defendant would likely be criminally prosecuted.

Won an appellate reversal of a fee award against a firm client.

2016: Represented a defendant in a RICO case, which was settled with the defendant paying no money to and receiving an apology from the plaintiff.

Won a motion to dismiss a RICO complaint brought by Bernard Kerik, the former Secretary of Homeland Security and New York City Police Commissioner, against famed lawyer Joseph Tacopina.

2015: Settled a $120 million criminal restitution Judgment for a $1 million cash payment and an agreement to make payments of $30,000 a year.

Secured a seven-figure settlement for a client alleging wrongful termination by his employer.

Secured a preliminary injunction barring World Heavyweight Champion Ruslan Chagaev from fighting unless he first granted Fres Oquendo a rematch for the Title.

2014: Settled landmark case against the National Enquirer arising from the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. The Enquirer was required to buy a full page advertisement in the New York Times apologizing for its conduct, and to fund a foundation that makes substantial annual grants to playwrights.

Won dismissal of Racketeering lawsuit brought by former New York City Police Chief, Bernard Kerik, against celebrity lawyer, Joe Tacopina.

Secured a multi-million dollar settlement against a trust company for mismanaging assets.

Secured a multi-million dollar settlement for an electronics company suing for breach of a licensing agreement.

Won a federal appeal overturning dismissal of a complaint on jurisdictional grounds.

2013: Won dismissal of a RICO suit seeking in excess of $20 million in damages.

Won appeal of trial court victory in case where Oscar de la Hoya was accused of civil battery, assault, and false imprisonment.

Won dismissal of a malpractice case, and won the appeal from the dismissal.

Settled case for creator of the concept of turning guns into jewelry, acknowledging that defendants' business selling jewelry made from guns was based on his ideas.

2012: Won motion disqualifying famed lawyer, Ira Lee Sorkin, from a case based upon a finding of unethical conduct.

Won appeal from a $26 million judgment which was won for a client in 2011.

Won dismissal of claims against Oscar de la Hoya for civil battery, assault, and false imprisonment, and won an award of sanctions against opposing counsel and the plaintiff.